Configure a Buffalo LinkStation for Active Directory

Konfigurieren und verwalten Sie Ihre LinkStation über den Bereich Settings (Einstellungen) in einem Browserfenster. Öffnen Sie die Oberfläche mit dem nachstehenden Verfahren, oder geben Sie die IP-Adresse der LinkStation in das URL-Feld des Browsers ein. Auf der Easy Admin (Einfache Administration)-Seite unter Settings (Einstellungen) finden Buffalo NAS external drives & Windows 10 will not connect Jul 31, 2017 Force Update Buffalo Linkstation NAS - m1e Consulting If the Nas Navigator finds the unit but the unit is at an IP other than, hold the reset button on the unit for 10 seconds and give it 1-2 minutes to reset. . Then set your computer’s IP address to a static IP address of with subnet A default gateway is …

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As per Buffalo Forums and sources online, the default password for Buffalo LinkStation and Buffalo NAS is: Username: admin. Password: password

WTF - default admin password?? - Buffalo Forums

media files on storage device to LinkStation), for remov-ing USB devices which is connected to the LinkStation or for initializing settings of the LinkStation. Refer to "Direct Copy" on page 60, "Remove a USB device" on page 61, and "Initialization" on page 43 for more information. Front 1 BUFFALO LS210D USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib In Advanced Settings, click Network. Click to the right of "IP Address". Click the LAN port where the jumbo frames will be used. Click Edit. Page 88: Changing The Ip Address Changing the IP Address Normally, the LinkStation's IP address is set automatically from a DHCP server on your network. If … BUFFALO LINKSTATION LIVE LS-CHL USER MANUAL Pdf … IP Address In most networks, LinkStation will get its IP Address automatically from a DHCP server. You may disable DHCP here if you would rather set a static IP address manually. If DHCP is disabled and an IP Address is not set manually, it will default to 1 . with subnet mask How To Manually Factory Reset A Buffalo NAS – Secure-i The following settings will be reset: admin username, admin password, IP address, and Ethernet frame size To factory reset your Buffalo drive: Turn off the LinkStation. Turn the LinkStation on with holding down the function button. The function LED will flash blue or white. Press the function button again while the LED is flashing.