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VPNs are popular among people in China who want to access the internet that's normally blocked from within the country (see our article on the best VPN for China).The Middle Kingdom's advanced censorship system, commonly referred to as the Great Firewall, censors western social media, news outlets, and streaming video sites, among other content. Accessing YouTube from China without a VPN. Without a VPN, the Chinese firewall sees that you are trying to access a site which they have blocked. You will get a message saying that the site you are trying to visit is not accessible. Accessing YouTube from China with a VPN How to Access Facebook in China (3 Methods). The easiest, most secure and reliable way of circumventing the Great Firewall to access Facebook in China is by using a VPN or "Virtual Private Network" (here's an updated list of my recommended VPNs), but you can also trial free and paid proxy sites or download the Tor bundle for browsing.. Method 1: Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) Many VPN users, in fact all the netizens would be thinking why someone would want a VPN into China. It is because most of the time what users read is hear is about the Great Firewall of China which blocks many top social and other websites which is easily available in the rest of the world. Some countries restrict access to certain websites. For instance, Google services are banned in China.Earlier, there was no way to bypass this restriction. Fortunately, VPNs were introduced that allow you to access any website from anywhere. VPNs help to improve website metrics because sites receive more traffic anonymously and increase their conversion rate. Guides to Access Blocked Site in China. Step 1: Download a VPN at first. A VPN is a network which lets the internet user change their IP address and make it seem like they are using the internet from a different region or even a different country from anywhere around the world. Elsewhere in China, using VPN as a foreigner is incredibly common. In fact, it's more strange if you don't use one. After all, most foreigners crave access to the aforementioned websites. China also has a habit of blocking websites as and when it feels. The UK website felt the pinch in recent years, but has since had the ban lifted.


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2017-7-25 · China tries to ensure quality, stable and safe telecommunications services through better management and enhanced regulation, it was said. At the press conference, Wen Ku, director of the telecom department at the ministry, said countries vary in Internet administration, with China having made significant progress in offering coverage and access speed. 男子因出售VPN被判有期徒刑三年 罚金10000元-中 … 2018-10-9 · 男子因出售VPN被判有期徒刑三年 罚金10000 元 中国法院网首页 新闻 审判 执行 评论 时讯 法学 地方法院 论坛 博客 客户端 首页 >审判 > 刑事案件 一男子因出售VPN获刑 2018-10-09 09:30:43 | 来 … Marriott website in China temporarily closed after listing [Photo: China Plus] By Thursday evening, the website of Marriott in China is only showing its statement of apology and visitors are being asked to book by phone or visit its English website. The Internet watchdog in Shanghai summoned senior management officials of Marriott and demanded that the company take its Chinese language website and app Netizens blast Youku over child porn videos-China Youth