SIGRed: What You Should Know About the Windows DNS Server Bug

Solve DNS Server Not Responding Errors on Your Network Power cycle your modem and router. Before trying anything else, simply shutdown your computer, … DNS Propagation: Why Doesn't My Domain Work? Jun 12, 2013 DNS resolution not working for some CNAMEs - Microsoft® Q&A

Secondly, if your DNS server is resolving records incorrectly then I would suspect that something is configured incorrectly on that specific DNS server. Without seeing it it is difficult to know, but I would suspect that either someone has created a zone on that server for that is pointing to the wrong place, or that the forwarders are setup incorrectly to go to a different server.

Seems that my DNS is not working properly ,How do i fix Mar 30, 2012

May 26, 2020

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