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Easiest ways to fix Unidentified Network Ethernet in Solution: 1 Check Network Hardware. Unidentified Network Windows 10 problem occurs when … Cannot connect to wireless network, Unidentified Network With the PC, the network comes up in the list, I click on it and then put in the network password, but even though it says I am connected to the network with an excellent signal I cannot go online. When I put my mouse on the wireless icon it says: Unidentified Network (my network name) Access Local Only.

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Windows Vista Wireless Networking Problem: Unidentified Hi all This is one of the problems for Windows Vista Users: Wireless Network. Im experiencing this problem, where you can connect to the Wireless Network, but you cannot use the Internet. It says its : Unidentified Network and Local Limited Acess only. Im a both current XP and Vista user, it Wir Unidentified Network | Vista Forums Mar 13, 2009 unidentified network | Vista Forums Feb 24, 2009 Windows 7 Unidentified Network?[moved from win7] | Tech