Dec 13, 2010

This is where you will find all of your apps and extensions that you’ve installed from the Google chrome web store. Click the Remove from Chrome button next to the app or extension that you want to How to Uninstall Web Store Apps from Google Chrome Dec 10, 2010 How to Uninstall Chrome Apps and Extensions - BetterCloud

Dec 07, 2010 · How to uninstall Google Chrome Webstore apps December 7, 2010 By Mister T So you’ve been installing and playing around with apps from Google Chrome Web Store and now your Apps page is filled with some questionable downloads.

How to install and uninstall extensions in Chrome Feb 16, 2019

Dec 09, 2010

While you can customize the homepage, the New Tab page is fixed, unless you install an extension to modify its behavior. To remove the Chrome Web Store link from view without using an extension, Remove the ChromeWebStore Chrome Extension